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It Depends on Who You Ask

The unmatched, infallible Word of God is the supernatural sustenance for your mind, soul, and spirit.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. -- Hosea 4:6

If we are honest, most of us can say we have experienced increased and unusual stress over the past couple of years; Job loss, home-based schooling, sickness and death, and general upheaval in every area of our lives due to COVID. Many will also admit their relationship with God has changed. Some of us have relied on God more in this season. Too many have allowed their intimacy with Christ tragically go the way of many businesses – limited or closed off altogether. It can be tempting to get away from the things of God when we’re under pressure. We try to figure problems out on our own and seek answers from the wrong sources.

Have you ever seen someone spill out a list of symptoms on Facebook for “friends” to diagnose? Why would you seek medical advice from Tom the bricklayer, or Nancy, the landscaper, or the first cousin of a friend of a friend who commented on your health concern? We do it. It seems we are far too satisfied with just any ole answer, rather than seeking out the correct information – the truth.

The greatest danger to our lives, families, and church is the fallout of our separation from the truth. Do not let it happen. The unmatched, infallible Word of God is the supernatural sustenance for your mind, soul, and spirit. God’s promised peace is there. Wisdom is there. I’m not talking about accumulated knowledge from studying. God’s Word does more than give us information.

The Spirit of the living God is on those pages, delivering the life-giving breath of your Creator, exhaling the fruit of the Spirit into your spirit. The Bible is not just any book. It is alive! It is to be experienced.

Far too many Christians struggle and live below their spiritual means because they have only experimented with Christianity as a religion rather than experiencing Christ in relationship. To live in the providence and power of the Most High God, you have to know that you know that you know that you know.

Prove your trust in God by focusing your mind and maintaining your faith in Him and Him alone. Even when – especially when the pressure is on.


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