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No Bells & Whistles Required

God never intended for anything in the world to take the place of the Holy Spirit in the church.

In the early years after my salvation, I would go out into the streets and alleys – the worst parts of the city, with nothing but my Bible and an old, green milk crate. I had no microphone, no amplifier, no LED screen – just me under the influence of the Holy Spirit with the Word of God and a plastic box to stand on. Shouting the truth of the hope found in Christ, men and women got saved, drunks became instantly sober, addicts lost their buzz to find a new high in the joy of the Lord. God never intended for anything in the world to take the place of the Holy Spirit in the church.

There is no doubt that this generation enjoys an abundance of scientific and technological breakthroughs. The church has some of the finest sound, light, and video equipment that money can buy. Every department in the church benefits from these resources. Social media and online sites have helped us reach more people, and that is a good thing – as long as we rely on the manifest power of the Holy Spirit in the gospel message instead of the bells and whistles used to deliver that message. There is a desperate need for the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our worship, our various ministries, and lives. He is the only way for renewal to come.

When we give the Holy Spirit His rightful place in the worship of our living and our priorities, the supernatural gifts take over. We will be witnesses to tremendous results, not only in the church but also in aligning our choices and goals to the glory of God if we give the correct priority to the Holy Spirit. The result will be undeniable.

When the Lord fills you with the Holy Spirit, there is a recognizable change in personality. Your Spirit-filled life will be proven in obedience, thankfulness, happiness, a decrease in sin, excitement, joy, contentment, and confidence.


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