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Nothing Wasted

“But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth.” -- Exodus 9:16, NKJV

Everyone has a purpose. If you see your difficulties and obstacles as an indication that you are useless, you are misinterpreting your situation. At the same time, if you view your success and station as a sign that you have made it, you may fall short of the pinnacle of your purpose. Look at Moses.

As a baby, he was hunted and barely escaped with his life. His mother sent him away to save him. Still, Moses was not a cast-off, a throw-away; He was on God’s short-list for big things. At the opposite pole, Moses was raised in a palace and was a great man. But that is not what God designed for his life, either. Riches and palaces were not the goal.

Most of us would consider that kind of fame and fortune to be the ultimate success story, but not in God’s plan. From his escape in a papyrus reed basket to the solid gold goblets of the Pharaoh, every condition was leading Moses to a greater purpose than the palace. The future sea-splitter was meant to lead the Lord’s chosen people out of captivity into the land that was promised.

As with Moses, God will use extremes to bring you to your most excellent use. He will take the chaos as well as the comfortable to transport you into a greater fulfillment than any riches could offer. He has designed a tremendous blessing and reason for being that will be worth every struggle and suffering. But do not keep it all to yourself. Your blessings are not just for your benefit.


God gives His gifts to you with the goal of them passing through you to heal the brokenhearted and release the prisoners from what keeps them trapped. God wants to heal you and use whatever harmed you as a way of entering the hearts of those around you. That is the goodness and faithfulness of God on your behalf. He will even employ your injuries and injustices to bring you into your influence.

Nothing about your life is going to waste in the hands of a creative, compassionate Father.


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