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Do you say you trust God?

Does your face know it?

Put your attitude and actions under the authority of what you say you believe.

Like Hannah did.

For different reasons than today, childbearing was important in Old Testament times – for cultural significance of status and legacy; and believed to be proof of right-standing with God. Barren women were failures, outcasts, dishonoring their husbands, and cursed by the Lord. The first book of Samuel tells the story of Hannah, who could not have children, but desired nothing more than to have a son.

Each year, Elkanah took his bride to the Tabernacle in Shiloh to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. Every year, she was humiliated because the other wives (including her husband’s other wife) had children, and she did not. Finally, Hannah’s pain was so overwhelming she was unable to eat. She cried out to God, promising to dedicate her child to the service of the Lord if He would give her a son. When the priest heard her wailing, he thought she was drunk. But Hannah explained her plight, and the man of God blessed her saying, “Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him” (1 Samuel 1:17, NIV). What Hannah does next is the big lesson for us today.

“‘Oh, thank you, sir!’ she exclaimed. Then she went back and began to eat again, and she was no longer sad.”

Why was Hannah no longer sad? She did not leap out of her sadness because she just found out she was pregnant. How did her knotted stomach settle down so she could have a meal? Her condition was no different when she left than it was when she arrived, depressed, embarrassed, and wasting away. What changed for this woman?

Faith affects everything. Faith changed Hannah’s emotions, countenance, demeanor, and even physical health before a baby ever came along to prove her confidence. Right away, however, she carried on as if she were carrying her husband’s son because she believed it was going to happen.

What about you? What are you believing for? Is your faith enough to improve your mood ahead of seeing your request manifest?

Do you say you trust God? Does your mouth agree, or are you still complaining and negative? Make your mouth tell the story of your faith. Don't worry about God. He never fails. Never.

We cannot tie God's giving hands,
but we can tighten our fists around our doubt.

Our lack of faith does not weaken God. He is who He is – mighty, powerful, faithful. When we do not exercise and exhibit confidence in the Lord, we do not limit God’s ability to give – we hinder our ability to receive. Prove your trust in your Heavenly Father – mind, body, emotions. Do it, and in the proper time, you will be like Hannah – giving birth to your greatest desires and ready to hand your blessings over to God to use.


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